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Listen to the Hamdom Thoughts podcast by AD6DM interviewing me about Ham Radio, Making, Hacking and SOTA

Dan Koellen AI6XG

I have been an electronic hobbyist since I was young.  Tearing apart old tube radios and televisions was a fascinating past time for me in my early teens.  I then discovered shortwave radio and eventually got my amateur radio license in high school.

In middle school I discovered a newly published book that explained what integrated circuits were.  That is when I knew I wanted to build integrated circuits, not just use them in circuits as a career.  That set me on course to study STEM before it was known as STEM.  In undergraduate and graduate school I studied solid state device physics and electronic materials.  The engineering aspect I had already learned from my electronics hobby and ham radio activity.

While I was working in the semiconductor industry I was able to experience and contribute to the design, fabrication, testing, marketing and sales of integrated circuits.  A fascinating journey for me.   After retiring from industry I drifted back to ham radio and electronics as hobbies.  I obtained my extra class license in 2017 after a few decades of lapsed license.

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